Start Drawing Great Art on Your iPad


Forget everything you’ve been told about learning how to draw

ShadowDraw is the easiest way to learn how to draw with your iPad and Apple Pencil.
Rediscover your creativity and start drawing great art in just a few minutes.


See how artists draw

Watch the artist draw step-by-step and see each line come to life right before your eyes.



Follow along

Each line drawn by the original artist magically appears and invites you to follow along with your stylus. When ShadowDraw senses you have mastered the line, the next step in the tutorial will appear.


Share & Share

Congratulations! Now you are ready to share your drawing as an image, animated GIF or time-lapse video with your friends.

Masterclass Art Lessons


ShadowDraw reveals how artists draw step-by-step and lets you discover their latest techniques. Enjoy interactive drawings from six artists including avid Sketchnoter Sylvia Duckworth and TEDx Speaker Graham Shaw.


Sylvia Duckworth

Sylvia is an avid Sketchnoter and tech coach. She is also an Apple Distinguished Educator with 32 years of teaching experience in the public and independent school systems. You can learn more about the benefits of Sketchnoting in Sylvia's new book How to Sketchnote: A Step-by-Step Manual for Teachers and Students.


Holly Jayne

Holly currently focuses on drawing original characters and comics, and sells collectable enamel pins based on her characters on her Etsy shop. Learn more about her character Bunnygirl on Holly’s Instagram.


Stacy Coakley 

Stacy is a 23 year old illustrator/animator with over a decade of experience as a freelance artist. She has worked on everything from comics and animation to websites and logos. Learn more about Stacy on her website and Instagram.


Graham Shaw

Graham is a TEDx Speaker with 17 million views. He is perhaps best known for his use of fast cartoon drawings. He runs highly popular programs that have taught thousands of people how to use cartoons to make presentations memorable. Learn more about Graham on his website.

Debbyie Jollineau

Debbyie has been an art teacher for 12 years, and teaches all levels of drawing and painting, as well as ceramics. She is reconnecting with some of her favorite shows and comics through art and cosplay. Learn more about Debbyie on her website and Instagram.

Dan Bigelow

Dan has worked as a creative pro for over 25 years on music videos, arcade games, editorial illustrations, indie films, mobile games, comic books, online college courses, album art, book covers, and cutting edge TV shows. Learn more about Dan on his website and Instagram.

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Free for a limited time. ShadowDraw has some in-app purchases. By downloading ShadowDraw, you'll have a hand in making a new way to draw possible.