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ShadowDraw™ is a magical iPad app that makes learning how to draw feel like fun! Imagine the world’s best animators and illustrators ready to teach you how to draw just like them. By supporting ShadowDraw, you'll have a hand in making a new way to draw possible. 


Featured Artists


Also Featuring Artists Who Have Worked For


Ernest J. Avila

Dan Bigelow
Concept Artist

Kevin Gemser
Comic Book Artist

Patrick Gerrity

Matt Haley
Dark Horse Comic Book Artist

John Hopkins
Comic Strip Artist

Holly Jayne

James Lopez
 Disney Animator

Robert Marzullo
Comic Book Illustrator

Jeff Matsuda

Patrick Ian Moss

Sonia Nicolson
Architect & Illustrator

Andrew Robinson
DC Comic Book Artist

Jasmine Rocks

Art Thibert
Comic Book Artist

How ShadowDraw Works


Watch the Pros Draw

Watch the pros draw step-by-step and see each line come to life right before your eyes.

Follow Along

Each line drawn by the original artist magically appears and invites you to follow along with your stylus. When ShadowDraw senses you have mastered the line, the next step in the tutorial will appear.

Save & Share 

You did it! Congratulations! Now you are ready to share your completed drawing as an image, animated GIF or time-lapse video with your friends.


A New Way to Be Creative

It's as relaxing as a coloring book! ShadowDraw is designed to make drawing fun, easy, and relaxing! Snuggle up under your favorite blanket and open ShadowDraw for hours of relaxation. 

Improve Your Drawing Skills

Be a fly on the wall of your favorite artist's studio! ShadowDraw's innovative software reveals exactly how the pros draw step-by-step and lets you discover their latest techniques. 


Apply To Be A Featured Artist

A lot of great artists are joining ShadowDraw. If you like ShadowDraw and want to create tutorials for our platform, apply to be a featured artist today.